File Court Documents Anytime, Anywhere

Odyssey eFileTN allows users to easily open court cases and e-file documents to courts anytime and from anywhere — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. E-filing court documents significantly streamlines the case filing process and provides benefits to both the filer and the court.

eFileTN is currently available in the Davidson County Chancery Court. The Electronic Filing Rules are posted on the Davidson County Clerk and Master website.

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How E-Filing Works

eFileTN delivers electronic filing via a secure web portal for attorneys and government agencies. You don’t need any unique software, middleware or hardware — all you need is Internet access and a browser.

eFileTN manages the flow of information among filers, clerks, court personnel and judges:

  • Filer submits documents online to participating courts in Tennessee
  • eFileTN delivers documents to the court
  • Clerks accept or reject submissions

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News & Information

Counties Live on E-Filing

Enabling Courts

E-filing empowers courts to improve business processes, decrease foot traffic in the courthouse, reduce paper consumption and more. 

Courts will realize cost saving as well as manual effort by the reduced need to print, copy, store, deliver and file legal documents.

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